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Schultz's Sweet Heat Sauce is one of our most versatile cooking sauces. Why? Like all of our sauces, this one is made with all real food ingredients. However, we wanted a cooking sauce that could provide a range of flavor depending on the dish. So what did we do? We added sweet pure brown sugar and honey to a mix of natural spices, cayenne peppers, and garlic and vinegar. The result was a cooking sauce that not only provides an ample amount of heat to any dish, but also a gentle balance of sweetness. We love to use it as a Buffalo sauce, but it's great on anything as a marinade or hot sauce, or use it as a dip or sauté. Sweet Heat. The name says it all. Oh–so–spicy and subtly-sweet with a complex harmony of honey, brown sugar, cayenne peppers and spices. This condiment makes it easy to add delicious flavor to everything you create. We are big fans of this sauce as a glaze for BBQ salmon and meats.


2 PACK Schultz's Gourmet by Hanch Schultz’s Sweet Heat Sauce

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