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We do a lot of cooking. So much so, that we had to create our very own barbecue sauces to perfectly compliment our growing list of family recipes. With respect to the most loved regional pitmaster flavors and traditions, we developed a family of BBQ sauces with distinctly different taste profiles—something for everyone and every meal!

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Meet Schultz's Gourmet by Hanch  Sweet Hickory BBQ sauce an upgrade of  the world-famous Kansas City style barbecue sauce: Sweet Hickory. Kind of like Hanch bold and powerful but once you get to know him....   It's a sweet n’ smoky sauce exploding with a bright light sweet flavor that will have your tastebuds flipping out. Notes of sweet molasses and brown sugar, this thick, rich sauce is dripping with succulence and will have you crushing anything you put on the grill.

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