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Designed to add a punch of flavor to any dish, these cooking hot sauces complement just about everything you can pour them on. With varying heat intensities and endless ways to love ‘em, our sauces are a spicy addition to any fridge or backyard cookout to satisfy those heat-seeking friends and family members.

It’s getting’ hot in here! A traditional buffalo-style sauce, but oh, so much more. Schultz’s Spicy Original is a zesty blend of cayenne peppers, garlic and spices, vinegar and olive oil. We only use all real food ingredients in our sauces because our recipes were made by, and for members of our family. So, our sauces aren't only healthier, but they taste better too. If you're a lover of all things "Buffalo, or just a fan of it, Schultz's Spicy Original Cooking Sauce is a must have!

A traditional buffalo-style sauce, but oh, so much more. Hot and tangy with a rich, buttery finish— Spicy Original uses a unique blend of peppers, fresh garlic, spices, vinegar and olive oil for full-bodied flavor that will keep you coming back for more. The ideal condiment for a bold win.

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